These 3 German billionaires have single family offices

These 3 German billionaires have single family offices

Germany has developed to a land of single family offices throughout recent years. Every year, over a dozen new family investment vehicles are created. All of them can be found in our German family office database. In the following, we are introducing you to three single family offices of German billionaires.

1. Wirtgen Invest (Wirtgen family)

Wirtgen Invest is the single family office of the Wirtgen family, who sold the family company to John Deere for €4.4BN. The billionaire family has created the family office after the sale. Today, Wirtgen Invest is active on various markets. In the real estate investment vertical, various prime buildings were acquired in the last years. For example, the Bazaar de Cologne is a 23,000sqm retail property in Cologne. In Berlin, the “Charlie Living” living quarter was created. In the renewable energy sector, various projects were acquired. For instance, several PV parks in Portgual are now owned by Wirtgen Invest. Also, a wind park in Poland and Sweden was acquired.

2. Dievini / Actris (Hopp family)

Dietmar Hopp is one of the founders of software giant SAP. His wealth is estimated to be over €12BN. Hopp invests in various asset classes. Through Dievini, Hopp invests in biotech ventures. Also, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation owns parts of Dievini. Portfolio companies include Heidelberg Pharma, Immatics or CureVac. CureVac is working on mRNA vaccines and also tried to launch a Covid vaccine. In 2022, Hopp announced to move Dievini to his family holding. Through Actris, the Hopp family pursues project developments and real estate investments. A major investment was, for example, the Henninger Turm in Frankfurt.

3. Santo Holding (Strüngmann family)

In 2005, the German Strüngmann brothers sold their pharma firm Hexal to Swiss Novartis group for €7.5BN. The deal moved the twins on top spots in Germany’s list of wealthiest people. Through their family offices Santo Holding and Athos Service, the Strüngmann family actively invests in various sectors. A main focus lies on biotech investments. One of them brought them an especially high ROI in recent years: the brothers were early investors and major shareholders in Covid vaccine producer BioNtech.

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The presented family offices are included in our unique German Single Family Office List. Our list contains the most important investment vehicles of wealthy families from Germany, so-called Single Family Offices. These invest in capital markets, real estateprivate equityventure capital and alternative asset classes.

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