These 3 European billionaire family offices invest in venture capital

europe venture capital single family offices

Investments in startups and promising young companies is getting more and more popular amongst Europe’s single family offices. In this post, we are introducing three European family offices of billionaires that invest in venture capital. All covered firms are part of our list of Europe’s most important venture capital family offices.

1. Aglaé Ventures (Bernard Arnault family, Paris, France)

Through LVMH, the world’s most important group of firms in the luxury consumer goods sectore, Bernard Arnault amassed a fortune of more than €150BN. A part thereof is now invested in startups through Aglaé Ventures, which is in turn held by his holding Agache. Aglae has a strong focus on tech market leaders in various stages. The firm pursues a long-term investment approach with “flexible and enduring capital”. Besides its Paris office, Aglaé also has offices in New York and San Francisco. Portfolio firms or past investments include airbnb, Algolia, etoro, lyft, Spotify and Slack.

2. Born2Grow / zfhn (Dieter Schwarz family, Heilbronn, Germany)

Dieter Schwarz is the founder and owner of the Schwarz Group, who is mainly known for discount retail chain Lidl. His net worth is estimated at over €41.5BN. Schwarz has two family office-like structures that invest in young companies. First, BORN2GROW is providing venture capital to tech startups. Initial investments range from €0.5-1M, follow-on investments can go up to €5M. Portfolio companies include troy or baseclick. The second investment vehicle is called ZFHN (Zukunftsfonds Heilbronn) and takes-over for later-stage investments. The fund has a volume of €200M, investment sizes range from €2-15M. First investments are eleva, smartGAS or seleon.

3. Creadev (Mulliez family, Paris, France)

The Mulliez family owns a conglomerate of more than 200 companies and employs over 600,000 people. Owned companies include Auchan, Decathlon or Leroy Merlin. Creadev is the family office and evergreen investment vehicle of the firm. Creadev is a major venture capital investor in Europe, with a broad investment mandate with sizes ranging from €1-50M. Important verticals for Creadev are “Talents”, “Healthcare”, “Sustainable Consumption” and “Food”. Portfolio companies include Gotham Greens, Selency, RocketHealth and the Hive.

Picture source: Anthony Delanoix

The presented family offices are included in our unique European venture capital family office list. Our list contains the most important investment vehicles of wealthy families from the Europe, so-called Single Family Offices. All firms from the list are active in venture capital, but often also in capital markets, real estate, private equity and alternative asset classes.

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