Pittco Single Family Office invests in Dunkin Donuts Franchise

Pittco Single Family Office invests in Dunkin Donuts Franchise

This article was created as part of our research process for our US single family office database. The database include the most important family investment vehicles in the United States.

FL Glaze LLC is a leading franchisee of the Donut brand Dunkin’. The franchisee is especially focused on Florida, where it operates more than 100 stores for the Donut brand. The 100 locations are 1.1% of the total amount of the 8,500 Dunkin’ stores in the United States. Now, the franchise operator FL Glaze received an investment round led by Exeter Capital. Amongst the investors is Pittco Management, the Hyde single family office.

Pittco Management: The single family office of the Hyde family

Pittco Management operates the family office of Pitt and Barbara Hyde. Joseph Hyde is the founder of the auto spare parts dealer AutoZone. He is also one of the owners of the Memphis Grizzlies. His net worth is estimated at $1BN. Through his family office, Hyde invests in managed funds, as well as direct investments in early and late stage investments, as well as buyout and public to private investments. Furthermore, the family office invests in multi-family residential real estate.

Family office with strong roots in Memphis

The family office of the Hyde family is based in Memphis, Tennessee, the hometown of the Hyde family. Its slogan is “Inspired by Memphis. Invested in the world.”. Indeed, the family and family office has a long-standing history of activities in Memphis. Besides owning the Memphis Grizzlies, the family office also runs the Hyde Family Foundation, that is focused on philanthropic activities in Memphis.

Article Source: Memphis Business Journal
Picture source: Nalja Cam

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