Kirsten and Jorn Rausing: is there a family office?

Kirsten and Jorn Rausing: is there a family office?

The wealth of the Rausing family is based on the famous packaging solutio Tetra Pak, established by Ruben Rausing. While originally coming from Sweden, many family members (e.g. Kirsten and Jorn Rausing) are now located in the UK. Their net worth is estimated at GBP 12BN, which makes their family office one of the largest family offices in Great Britain.

Alta Advisers as Rausing family office

The fortune of the Hans Rausing family and its heirs is managed by London-based Alta Advisers. The firm is an active single family office with dozens of employees. Amongst others, the family office is active on capital markets, but also in real estate, hedge fund and leveraged buyouts as well as venture capital. The family works together with renowned external asset managers. 

In general, the Rausing family and its family office is extraordinarily active on capital markets. For instance, in 2018 it became public that the family built up a 20 percent share in fragrance company IFF through a separate entry called Haldor Foundation. 

Picture source: Leon Seibert

This article directly stems from the research process for our European single family office database. Our list of European single family offices includes the most important family investment vehicles that invest in various areas, such as financial markets, real estate, venture capital, private equity and renewables.

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