German entrepreneurial families with single family office and foundation

German entrepreneurial families with single family office and foundation

Single Family Offices are asset management companies for wealthy families – usually the focus is on maintaining and increasing existing assets. However, there are some family offices that use their wealth to contribute to the common good, for example through foundations. In the following article, three family offices and their respective foundations will be presented in more detail. This article is based on the unique List of the 200 most important single family offices in Germany.

  • Excel list of the 200 most important single family offices in Germany
  • Useful information such as investment focus, investments, which families are in the background, estimated family wealth, etc.
  • Download of the Excel file valid indefinitely, free updates within one year after purchase, free preview file available
  • Database is perfect for identifying family offices and for partner and customer acquisition

Beisheim Capital GmbH – Beisheim Foundation

The Single Family Office of the Beisheim family serves mainly for the asset management of the Beisheim Foundation. The foundation was named after Otto Beisheim, who left his legacy to the German and Swiss foundations of the same name. The German foundation focuses on four areas: education, health, culture and sport. The foundation, which is based in Munich, is both supportive and operative, i.e. within the foundation, it designs its own projects and also invests in existing or planned external ones. The sponsored and in-house projects are aimed at young and old people – intergenerational projects are also welcome. For example “Friends of the Elderly”, a project that fights against loneliness in old age through neighbourhood meeting points and visiting partnerships. The “Football Meets Culture” project also combines various requirements of the foundation – to promote enthusiasm for sport among young people and at the same time provide access to cultural education.

Dr. Rainer Wild Holding GmbH – Dr. Rainer Wild Foundation

Dr. Rainer Wild Holding GmbH is the family holding company of the Wild family and focuses on corporate investments. The investments are concentrated in the food, cosmetics and toy industries. The Dr. Rainer Wild Foundation was established in 1991 and since then, the focus has been on healthy nutrition. Divided into three areas of activity, the foundation constantly draws attention to the latest developments in the field of healthy nutrition. The first area is Events & Prizes, which is mainly aimed at experts and serves as a platform for mutual exchange. In addition, there are model projects, the second area where the knowledge gained is taken up and implemented. The third area are publications that present the results of the foundation as well as of its network.

SKion GmbH – Nantesbuch Foundation

Susanne Klatten is one of the wealthiest Germans – with SKion GmbH her assets are managed, mainly through corporate investments. In 2012, the BMW heiress founded the Nantesbuch Foundation, whose aim is to create more awareness and recognition for nature and art. Through several projects in both areas, a wide variety of people are brought into contact with nature and art – such as the project “Kindergarten Art and Culture”. On the foundation’s own premises, educators and artists introduce the smallest of visual arts, music, drama and dance in the interplay of art and nature. In 2016 Susanne Klatten founds her second philanthropic company together with the analysis and consulting firm PHINEO: The Scale Initiative. With a volume of EUR 100 million, the Skala Initiative supports four areas: Inclusion & Participation, Promotion of Commitment & Competence, Generational Support and offers help in (forgotten) humanitarian crises.
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