Dr. Bernd Türk New CEO Of German Quandt Multi Family Office

german multi family office hq capital changes ceo

HQ Capital is a multi family office, rooted in the wealthy German Quandt family. From April 2019 on, Dr. Bernd Türk will take over the CEO role from Georg Wunderlin. Wunderlin has joined HQ in 2012 as COO and was CEO since 2016. Wunderlin will join the investment management company Schroders as global head for private market investments. Türk, HQ’s new CEO, has formerly served as CEO for the family’s Harald Quandt Holding.

HQ Capital as important private equity and real estate investor

The Quandt family is a major stakeholder of BMW, one of Germany’s largest carmakers. Amongst others, the family’s multi billion net worth is invested through the Harald Quant Holding, which in turn is the owner of the multi family office HQ Capital. HQ mainly invests it 17 billion euros in assets under management in private equity funds and real estate. The private equity arm invests in direct deals, funds and also co-investments. The real estate arms manages 14.4 billion dollar of buildings in the United States.

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