David Williams single family office acquires Curated Events

David Williams single family office acquires Curated Events

We created this article as part of our research process for our US single family office database. Here, we are highlighting a private equity investment of the single family office of David Williams.

In July 2023, private equity firm Dubin Clark announced the sale of its event platform and portfolio company Curated Events to MRE Partners. MRE Partners is the single family office of David Williams. Dubin Clark started Curated Events in 2017. In the following years, the company acquired eight add-on companies that offer event products, like tenting, linens, furnishings, etc., as well as catering services. Al Dyess, the CEO of Curated Events, calls the firm the premier event provider “throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast region”.

MRE Capital: Maryland based single family office of David Williams

The buyer, MRE Capital, serves as single family office and investment vehicle of David Williams, who was the CEO and owner of digital advertising firm Merkle for more than 30 years. With over $1.2bn in revenue and $300m in EBITDA, Williams sold the firm to Japanese advertising and communication firm Dentsu in 2020. The single family office is focused on real estate (“MRE Properties”) and private equity investments (“MRE Partners”). MRE aims to be the “partner of choice for mid-market privately held family businesses”. Portfolio companies include Sandler, a professional development and training firm, Mission BBQ, a casual restaurant chain, or Vetley Capital, a veterinary real estate investment firm from Annapolis. Curated Events is the latest addition to the portfolio of the Williams single family office.

Article Source: Businesswire
Picture source: Shardayy Photography

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