Artha Ventures: Asian renewable energy single family office

Artha Ventures: Asian renewable energy single family office

We created this article as part of our research process for our Asian single family office database. Here, we are highlighting an interesting Indian, renewable energy and startup investment-focused single family office.

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In a recent article, news portal Inc42 introduced its readers to Indian single family office Artha India Ventures, the family office of Ashok Kumar Damani. Damani was the former director of the Bombay Stock Exchange. He is a co-owner of a business hotel chain in Ahmedabad and an active investor through his family office. Especially interesting about Artha India is the combination of renewable energy and startup investments.

Funding startup investments through renewable assets

The Damani single family office owns various renewable energy and fixed income assets. Through the recurring renewables cashflows, various startups are financed. The firm both owns solar parks and wind farms. For instance, the family office owns a 1.25MW wind farm in Jodhpur or solar projects in Lonavla, Thane and Aurangabad. Active startup investments include Carveniche, Gram Vaani, Tala or before-mentioned news portal Inc42.

Article Source: Inc42
Picture source: Unsplash+

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