Analysis: 49% of single family offices in Switzerland invest in Real Estate [2024]

We created this article as part of our research process for our European single-family office database. Here, we are investigating the share of Swiss single family office investing in real estate.

Real estate investment in Switzerland is a popular choice for both domestic and international investors due to its stable economy, high quality of life, and strategic location in the heart of Europe. Of course, domestic family offices also know how to take advantage of the attractiveness of the real estate market. In total, 40 single family offices in Switzerland have a Real Estate Focus. This represents a share of 49%. A good example of a family office from Switzerland that invests in real estate is Ed. Geistlich Söhne AG from Schlieren. The company is not only active in the fields of regenerative medicine and the chemical industry, but also develops real estate for its own portfolio. Geistlich Immobilia AG takes over the real estate business within the family office. New properties are developed on company-owned land.

Cities with most Swiss real estate-focused family offices

Most family investment vehicles from Switzerland that are actively pursuing property investments can be found in:

1. Zug

This city is a global hub for commodities trading and has a low tax regime, attracting multinational companies and wealthy individuals. A single family office from Zug that invests in Real Estate is the Genico Family Office AG from Andrea and Andreas Georgiadis. In total, our database contains 8 real estate focused single family offices that are located in Zug.

2. Zurich

As the largest city in Switzerland and a global financial center, Zurich offers a wide range of commercial as well as residential properties. A notable single family office from Zurich that invests in real estate is Daniel Aegerter’s family office ARMADA Investment AG. 6 investment vehicles of wealthy Swiss families that invest in real estate are located in Zurich.

3. Baar

Located in the canton of Zug, Baar benefits from its proximity to Zug’s thriving business environment. Our database contains three single family offices from Baar that operate in the real estate asset class.
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