List of 3 venture capital investor US multi family offices

List of 3 venture capital investor US multi family offices

This article is based on our research process for our US multi family office list. The list includes the most important United States multi family offices, which manage the fortune of the wealthiest families in the country. For every multi family office, we offer detailed contact details and focus information.

Multi-family offices operate in a similar manner to venture capital funds, differing by the source of finance as multi-family offices manage the assets and the wealth of numerous families. Multi-family offices have become increasingly popular in recent years and allow for high-net-worth families to invest in early-stage projects, with a particular focus on tech and sustainability. Multi-family offices can offer significant advantages such as portfolio protection and lower investment costs as well as offering start-up founders more patience, and providing a long-term strategy for clients. In this article, 3 multi-family offices that invest in venture capital will be discussed. All of the multi-family offices included in this study can be found on our list of the largest US multi-family offices which is linked above.

1. ICONiQ Capital (San Francisco, California)

ICONiQ Capital is an aptly named Californian multi-family office as it manages the wealth of some of the most iconic tech entrepreneurs of recent years. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta Platforms has entrusted the privately-owned investment firm which was founded in 2011 by ex-Goldman Sachs analysts. Other clients include the likes of Jack Dorsey, Blake Lively, and Satya Nadella. Currently, the firm has over $80bn of assets under management. To date, the firm has launched seven investment funds: ICONiQ Strategic Partners I-VII. The California-based group consists of two divisions: family office and investment arm which excludes any potential conflicts of interests of its clients. This approach has enabled the group to invest in various start-ups including Modern Meadow, Apttus, Sprinklr, and Zymergen. In March 2023, it was announced that ICONiQ led a $65m investment in a rapidly expanding pharmaceutical technologies company.

2. CM Wealth Advisors (Beachwood, Ohio)

The Ohio-based group was founded as a single-family office in 1983. Since its inception, the firm has expanded and has been serving ultra-high-net-worth families and foundations since 2022. Currently, the group has over $1.7bn of assets under management. The Ohio group has a firm focus on venture capital and has committed over $500m to private equity and venture capital since 2002. CM also offers holistic financial advice to numerous families located across the United States. Its services include risk management, financial, estate, and tax planning.

3. AWM Capital (Pasadena, California)

Founded by brothers Erik and Brandon Averill alongside long-time friend Robby, AWM Capital was established to provide comprehensive financial planning to its clients. The trio relies upon their extensive investment experience and in-house specialists to target potential investments based on their core set of principles and ROI potential. AWM’s core investment philosophy includes: maximizing after-tax returns, capturing high expected returns in public markets, and generating outsized returns in private markets.

Image Source: Markus Winkler (22.03.2023)

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