List of 3 multi-family offices in Virginia

List of 3 multi-family offices in Virginia

This article is based on our research process for our US multi family office list. The list includes the most important United States multi family offices, which manage the fortune of the wealthiest families in the country. For every multi family office, we offer detailed contact details and focus information.

In this article, 3 multi-family offices based in Virginia will be discussed. All of the multi-family offices discussed in this article can be found on our list of the largest US multi-family offices.

1. Evermay Wealth Management

The Arlington-based group has been providing financial services to clients depending on the family’s goals and dynamics. Evermay’s in-house analytic team provide a comprehensive review of each of their clients’ liquidity requirements, risk tolerance and tax situation. Using this information, the group develop a flexible financial plan guiding clients on how to best manage their wealth.

2. Harbour Capital Advisors

Harbour Capital Advisors was founded in 2011, the group provide financial advice to a select number of affluent families with varying ranges of financial needs. The Virginia-based group offer financial services across a host of categories such as investment, tax, estate planning, philanthropic and stewardship of the wishes of its clients. Currently, Harbour manages over $400m worth of assets.

3. Agili

The Richmond-based group is a registered investment advisor and has been operating for over 25 years. Agili’s approach is not only focused on maximising returns for their clients but also making sure that clients can lead a stress-free life by taking care of all the minor details. Their investment philosophy includes diversification, tax awareness and patience, customizing each plan according to their clients’ needs.

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