List of 3 large multi family offices in Texas

List of 3 large multi family offices in Texas

This article is based on our research process for our US multi family office list. The list includes the most important United States multi family offices, which manage the fortune of the wealthiest families in the country. For every multi family office, we offer detailed contact details and focus information.

In this article, we will discuss three US multi-family offices which are based in Texas and can be found on our list of the largest US multi-family offices.

1. Cresset Capital Management

Cresset was founded by Eric Becker and Avy Stein who themselves managed over $8bn in funding during their time working as private equity investors. The duo originally established the company when pursuing options for managing their own investments. This led to the foundation of the client and employee-owned multi-family office which has now exceeded $30bn AUM.  The firm has now established subsidiaries that are tailored to families/institutional clients (Cresset Asset Management)and investment vehicles interested in private equity/real estate (Cresset Partners).

2. True North Advisors

The Texas-based firm was founded in 2000 by Scott Wood and Mark Gehlback with the aim to provide an alternative investment approach to what was provided on Wall Street. The Multi-family office provides long-term capital growth through investments across public and private markets to families, business owners, and entrepreneurs. The group has adopted a value-oriented approach which allows them to maximize returns when valuations are cheap and reduce risk when they are expensive. From their 23 years of operation, True North is managing a portfolio with over $2.3bn AUM and acquired 164 cumulative years of experience in wealth management.

3. Tailwind Advisors

Tailwind provides unique and complex wealth management services for highly successful families. The group considers themselves specialists in investments in private equity, real estate, oil, and gas. Their subsidiary, Tailwind Real Estate Equities locates potential investments using various approaches such as direct acquisitions, limited partner and general partner equity with proven sponsors, and debt capitalization.

Image Source: Arlington Research via Unsplash (17.02.2023)

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