Cannon-Brookes Single Family Office Helps Australian Burnt-Out Towns
During the summer of 2019/20, Australia faced devastating wildfires that also destroyed the local energy infrastructure. Now, the single family office of tech billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes and Annie Cannon-Brookes launched "The Resilient Energy Collective" to support affected towns. Building solar and battery solutions to recover energy supply The Resilient Energy Collective builds solar and battery... Continue reading →
mckinsey family office investments mio partners
Everybody knows the prestigious consulting firm McKinsey, but hardly anyone knows the powerful McKinsey family office MIO Partners (McKinsey Investment Office). MIO manages pension plan investments in the amount of more than $9.5BN for current and former partners. If you're looking for more family offices in the U.S. check our list of single offices in... Continue reading →
Single Family Offices Private Equity Funds
Single Family Offices and Private Equity Funds in Europe Many large single family offices are successful private equity investors themselves. Our research team regularly identifies the most important single family offices that invest in companies in order to expand our database. In addition to their own investments, cooperation between single family offices and private equity funds also... Continue reading →