organizational chart structure single family offices
Compared to usual investment companies, single family offices have a unique organizational structure. Single family offices consist of various, large investment teams and only a few back office employees. We give a detailed overview of single family office organizational structures. Many European single family offices follow the introduced organizational structure. Executive Team at our Single... Continue reading →
Multi Family Offices MFO Definition
Why are Multi Family Offices (MFO) so relevant? familyofficehub’s research team has been dealing with the investment scene in Germany and Europe for years. We analyse deals and identify the most important players in sectors that are difficult to understand. With our lists, we enable uncomplicated access to companies that often operate in secret. Multi... Continue reading →
Definition Explanation Single Family Office
In the European business world, single family offices have become more known in recent years. SFOs are playing an increasingly important role in investments and transactions in the European and wordlwide economy. As the leading research provider in the Single Family Office sector, familyofficehub has deep knowledge about that sphere. Our database of the largest... Continue reading →
family office startup venture capital investments
Our answer on this question: yes, family offices definitively invest in startups, but that's a rather new development. If you imagine "old money" family offices, it probably wouldn't strike your mind that they are investing in startups, but nowadays more and more family investment groups are allocating an increasing part of their assets in venture capital.... Continue reading →