List of 3 Single Family Offices from Toronto Canada INvestments Real Estate Private equity investments venture capital
Directly located at the Lake of Ontario, Toronto is, in terms of population, the largest city in Canada. In addition to hosting the banking and stock exchange center of Canada, the city functions as the country's primary wholesale and distribution point. Ontario's wealth of raw materials and hydroelectric power have made Toronto a primary center... Continue reading →
List of Single Family Offices in Canada Vancouver Hub
Consistently ranked among the most liveable cities in the world, Vancouver offers many competitive advantages for firms. Natural beauty, direct access to beaches and ports and its commitment to public transport form a business climate which is innovative, progressive, green and approachable. Its diverse economy includes exciting growth in the green and technology sectors, as... Continue reading →
Single Family Office from Missouri invests in Sharpen Technologies $12M Growth Round
The Rodger Riney single family office Lightchain LLC invested in Sharpen Technologies $12M funding round. Sharpen Technologies works on cloud-based contact center solutions. Sharpen Technologies: Cloud platform for contact centers Indianapolis-based Sharpen Technologies develops an omnichannel contact center platform, that promises at least 5-15% ROI in 60 days (alternatively, Sharpen refunds the money for the... Continue reading →