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  • Investment focus: Real Estate, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Financial Products, Renewables
  • 23 columns included: Name, Family Name, Estimated Family Wealth, Detailed Investment Focus and exemplary investments, address, phone, e-mail, website…
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  • Last update: 23rd July, 2021

This list is part of our unique database of more than 300 U.S. Single Family Offices.


Download a preview of our US single family office database here.

We want you to know how our database is structured and what kind of single family offices we list. Therefore, we offer the possibility to download a disocunted preview file of our comprehensive database of American single family offices. This database is the basis of our list of the most relevant SFOs in Florida. Convince yourself how easy it is to download a family office list from

florida single family offices directory

Most important single family offices from Florida in our database

We are offering the best database of US single family offices. Single family offices are the investment firms of America’s wealthy families. Since many important SFOs are based in Florida, we offer a dedicated product here. Our list enables family offices to find co-investors, institutional investors to raise funds, startups to identify relevant investors and consultancies and service companies to acquire new, wealthy customers.

Different data points: contact details, net worth, investment focus

Our list has more than twenty different, valuable data points, ranging from contact details to investment focus and family background. For getting in touch with the listed single family offices from Florida, general e-mail addresses, phone numbers, postal addresses, websites and executives are listed. For the executives, we provide information about the specific roles and links to the LinkedIn profiles in many cases. We also list a detailed investment focus, from capital markets to real estate, private equity and venture capital. Often, we also include a specified investment focus as well as exemplary investments in our list.

Disclaimer: due to the secrecy of some family offices, we are sometimes not able to provide you with email addresses or other pieces of information. In case we don’t know the exact investment focus, the specific column is marked as n.a.

Tax laws and friendly climate are luring family offices to Florida

Florida with its almost 21 million inhabitants is home to many well-known single family offices. The friendly climate of the “sunshine state” is only one of many reasons why America’s richest families are moving to Florida. In Florida, there is no statewide income tax or estate and inheritance taxes. An interesting trend is that many family offices moved from New York to Florida within the last years.

Hotspots for family investment firms in Florida: Miami, Tampa, Boca Raton

A high number of Florida-based single family offices is located in certain cities. Most attractive is Miami, with more than 5 local single family offices. Also cities close to Miami like “Miami Lakes” are home to family offices. Also relevant for SFO headquarters are Tampa or Boca Raton. Interestingly, only one single family office is located in Florida’s largest city Jacksonville.

Strong real estate business in Florida

Traditionally, Florida is known for its booming real estate industry. Also many of the local single family offices are specialized on real estate deals. One interesting SFO is specialized on project developments and the acquisition of residential, office and hotel spaces. The family investment firm also owns several properties in Florida.

Growing startup scene in Miami

Within the last years, also a vivid startup landscape developed in Miami. Also leading tech companies like Google or Facebook have many employees in their Miami offices. Besides that, more than 100 of the 5,000 most important U.S. startups are located in Miami. There are several different accelerator programs in the city (like Endeavor or Rokk3. Also many co-working spaces are available for startup founders. One interesting single family office is – for example – specialized on seed and early stage investments in financial services, information technology and manufacturing startups.


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